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Pointer and Setter Training Days

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01/04/2023 - The Pointer Club & English Setter Club - North of England - Pointers and Setters

Organiser Contact Info

The training program is specifically for Pointers & Setters and the dogs will be working on paired Grouse on a moor in the North of England.

Our Trainers will be a mixture of Field Trial judges, people with experience of shooting over Pointers and Setters and experienced Field Trial competitors.

The day will consist of talks, demonstrations and discussions together with practical help, advice and tips on handling your dog.

This training day is aimed at the basic requirements needed to reach the minimum standard for working a Pointer or Setter.

If you would like to attend the Training Day please contact the secretary for an application form:

English Setter Secretary, Fiona Kirk Tel:01609 882734



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