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Gerensary Pointers - Jon Kean asks Richard MacNicol

Gerensary Pointers - Jon Kean asks Richard MacNicol

What's been your best dog to date? Best Dog Ft Ch Jack of Kinbrace.

What bitch has been your best bitch? Best Bitch Ft Ch Sutherland Sadie.

What do you look for in a Pointer or Setter in terms of working ability? A Dog that really attacks the ground it is working, holds its head high, and wants to please you.

Why did you get involved in Pointers? I became involved with bird dogs through my Job as a Gamekeeper at Badanloch in Sutherland, when I was underkeeper I looked after several English Setters which was by far the preferred breed in the North in those days indeed from when shooting over dogs started. My love of pointers really started when I took over as Head keeper in 1978, I liked the look of them and decided to buy 2 pups for the Badanloch Kennel I never looked back I was hooked and decided I was going to build up the kennel with pointers.

How long have you been judging? I have been Judging for 23 years The Gordon Setter Field Trial Society gave me my first appointment with the late Pat MaCabe. Over the years I have judged the Gordon trials at Reeth 4 times. I have judged mostly Grouse trials but have been South to judge  Trials on several occasions Sandringham, I really enjoyed, Bill Meldrum’s Last year. I have also judged in Northern Ireland and the republic. I have been asked to judge the champion stake next year what a great honour, this will be my 2nd time.

What's your opinion on all setter breeds these days? The setter breeds at present are of a very high quality especially the come back the English Setters have made in the last 5 years. The Gordons are very popular but the working lines seem to be very small but the good ones are first Class. Irish very strong. However it is some time since a setter won the British Champion stake.

What's your favourite trial ground? My favourite trial ground had to be the far North where we used to hold spring trials my old estate Badanloch, had some of the best trials I ever witnessed of course they were the real dogging moors of the country, it has been sad for me to witness the rapid decline in grouse in the North. Tillypronie would be my favourite summer trial and Corrybrough for the spring.

Where do you go shooting? My Main Shooting is now in the Angus Glens at Gannochy, and I do a few days on other estates.

What diet do you feed your dogs?  I feed my dogs on Chudleys have done for over 15 years at present Working Crunch, but of course they do get other stuff mainly scraps from the house.

Who influenced you most in your early years at field trials? Mrs Buist had a great influence on me and she is the lady I have to thank for starting me in Field Trials. In my early days I would have to say George Burgess, Mike Early, Will Sloan, Pat MaCabe to name a few.

What was it like training dogs on Badanloch Estate? Badanloch was absolutely first class for training pointers when I was there, I had it all one could not have wished for more I often Reflect how lucky I was in those days. More than enough grouse and I new where they were.

What are your plans for the future in terms of breeding Pointers? My future breeding plans for the Gerensary Pointers is to continue improving the lines in consultation with my great friends the Keans of the Traigmhor Kennels. It takes a life time to get it right.        

Author & Copyright:- Jon Kean Photo:- Brian Morris


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Penny & Billy Darragh Recommend Markus-Muehle Dog Food

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