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Henry's Adventure

Henry's Adventure

Originally printed in the Gordon Setter Association's Newsletter in 2005, it is a true story and the author has kindly allowed it be included here!

On a fine September morning, when everything was quiet

A dog I know called Henry, decided he would riot

A Trial would take place later, but he wanted to explore

So he galloped off to look around: which way? He wasn't sure

For Norfolk is expansive for a dog away from home

With fields so big, he didn't know which way he ought to roam

So he took a bus to Fakenham that happened to pass by

The folks onboard were friendly and Henry wasn't shy

He settled in, admired the view and through the window scented

A covey of nice partridges, whilst his owners were demented

Henry had no money and couldn't pay the fare

So they left him there at Fakenham, where he said a little prayer

It dawned on him: he had done wrong and the driver of the bus

Said," Henry don't you worry, or even make a fuss

I'll drive back very slowly and see who we can find"

When he spotted Michael Daly, who really had been kind

He was standing by the roadside with a Gordon on a lead

The bus pulled in, they had a chat and both of them agreed

Post haste a car was soon arranged, the dog was overjoyed,

Back safe and sound with no harm done, you couldn't be annoyed

This is a little story of a Setter out to play, who had a great adventure in Fakenham that day.

Author & Copyright:- Julia Organ


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Penny & Billy Darragh Recommend Markus-Muehle Dog Food

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